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    ...OR...you can just write your enterprise code in WPF (even web based) and not have to jump through 10000 hoops to get it installed.  Why would you make it so difficult to simply install an app, effectively making every other UI technology you have canibalize the use of WInRT and apps in the enterprise ?!?  What does one gain by using WinRT for LOB?  There is absolutely NO value proposition based on these deployment rules.  If you only use store compliant APIs then the store is best for deploying, if you dont then you are basically working three times as hard to make an application that will look (as of windows 10) and feel just like it's Native counterpart.

    You are shackling software development to IT guys who are: conservative, slow, and certainly dont have a passion for the technology.  Do you expect a VP on the Infrastructure team to approve such a process (maybe even have to train people!) just so I can build a cool reporting utility for my manager? 

    This type of approach is so strategic a choice, that it kills the ability for visionary technologists - who are *not* in senior leadership positions - to create enough of a ground-swell to make WInRT's merrits visible to people who *are* leadership positions.  But there is no simple way to explain to leaders what the actual value proposition of WinRT in this scenario is because its value is something only a visionary technologists could divine.  See the problem? 

    Please remove all these pointless restrictions because they really are idiotic. People can already install / run programs from anywhere and that is just not going to change. 

    I agree that there should be an API subset between store apps and normal apps, you can even put up a prompt or something every time a sideloaded app is run, but this madness has to stop. GET OUT OF YOUR OWN WAY!!!  And let us make this happen.

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    I would like to give a standing ovation to Mr. Moemeka's wording.

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