Play Services and Complexity
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Complexity is the single biggest problem in IT in general and in SOAs in particular. Complexity causes systems to be delivered late, over budget, and failing to meet the needs of the business. It is a multi-trillion dollar problem. When SOAs were first introduced, many believed they would solve the problem of IT complexity. In fact, they often make the problem worse. They frequently introduce convoluted workflow and organizational mazes that are difficult to understand, implement, and support. This talks explore the nature of complexity as it relates to SOAs. It discusses the common misconceptions about complexity and introduces a rigorous, mathematically based model for understanding how complexity relates to SOAs. It then shows how this model can drive processes that result in SOAs that are embrace simplicity as a key design attribute. Some of the major themes of this talk include: • Complexity is the killer of SOAs. • Complexity is governed by mathematics. • All partitions are not equal. • Simplicity is the key to success in SOAs. • Simplicity requires intentionality.







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