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In the world of Web Services, REST is the new black. We are starting to move away from the heavily coupled client server interactions which came with SOAP and in to a world of lighter weight, simple REST services. But we should not be fooled! Calling a web service RESTful does not guarentee us a loosely coupled system. To level up our API we need to sheild our clients from changes on the sever - in essence provide a stable API over time. One way to do this is to take advantage of Hypermedia. In this session we will explore not only what Hypermedia is, but how we can start to implement it in ASP.NET WebAPI.




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The Discussion

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    Amy presents well, appears to be well organized, and has put thought into her slides.  This is a good intro to the concepts of Hypermedia based APIs which is an approach I think all REST API developers should be aware of.

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    Hi Amy,

    That was a superb presentation and demo. I got to learn lot of things on HATEOAS by watching this seminar.

    I want to learn how to actually implement HATEOAS. 

    So can you please provide me the link for the GITHUB where the source code can be available that was shown in the demo.


    Sumit Tuladhar

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