Implementing the Internet of Things with Windows Azure

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Developers are doing amazing things with devices and cloud computing. From monitoring beer brewing kits to keeping track of lighting and moisture changes, embedded devices open up a world of opportunity when coupled with the limitless storage and distributed computing mechanisms provided by Windows Azure. These exercises aren’t without some pain, however. With these small devices and decreased on-board computing power come the big challenge of re-thinking of how to use the cloud without the use of the robust cloud SDKs. This session will investigate some of the techniques you can use to connect the smallest of devices to the biggest of clouds. You’ll see how to store data in Windows Azure Storage using its REST API, and will use raw HTTP calls to this API to store sensor data into tables and image data into blobs. You’ll store data into Windows Azure SQL Databases via an open-source port of the Windows Azure Mobile Services client SDK. ASP.NET Web API 2 and SignalR will also be used to show how Windows Azure can be great tools for recording and monitoring device sensors in real-time, and we’ll probably see a Kinect demo too, if time permits!




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