The Phantom Menace – Raising the Spectre of Sustainability in IT

Play The Phantom Menace – Raising the Spectre of Sustainability in IT
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Hippy Tech? An Oil Company telling ME how to do Sustainable and Cost Efficient IT? Z Energy isn’t Big Oil, and we believe that climate change is real._x000D_ So what?_x000D_ The sustainability benefits of Virtualisation and ‘green tech’ on the bottom line have been realised and now your beanie and boss want more for less. _x000D_ This session will cover off a number of initiatives and work done by Z Energy in making our sustainability goals visible and leveraging IT to pursue our sustainability targets and saving money too. _x000D_ We use Microsoft Lync and Microsoft SQL and Reporting Services to show how we are tracking in our sustainability efforts as well as using providers who can assist us with it. We use Azure and partner technologies to reduce waste and carbon consumption. And we use some other neat new things too. Intrigued?_x000D_ Join us as we talk about what we do and where we are going in our journey._x000D_ And the money saved can be utilised elsewhere to be even more sustainable and cost effective._x000D_ _x000D_




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