The cloud just replaced my job. Great, now what?!

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The near future: your boss has just announced that big parts of your IT environment are heading to the cloud. Hey, wait a minute, if that stuff is moving to the cloud then I'm not going to be installing any hardware, configuring the network or hypervisor, or deploying software or updates or patches to those services anymore! I won't even be able to troubleshoot the thing when it is not working as expected! How do I remain relevant - and more importantly, employable - when big parts of my job are moving to the cloud?_x000D_  _x000D_ Present day: This session takes a different and practical look at what the cloud means to the technologists currently looking after their on-premises environments today that may be shifting to the cloud tomorrow. If you are an experienced Exchange (or Windows or SharePoint or CRM or whatever) administrator today, what skills are you going to need over the coming five years to stay relevant in the job market? Will your current skills still be valuable or are you going to need to up-skill in new areas? What sort of roles will you be applying for when you move onto your next IT career challenge? Will you still be employable in 3 or 5 years’ time if you choose to ignore this whole cloud thing? Bring your questions and your own predictions to this open discussion of the future careers of technologists in the age of cloud!




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