T-SQL Code review: How MS can support customers requests for code review/improvement

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You all would like to have better performance with your queries, Right? You have concerns around migrating databases and code from legacy versions of SQL Server to higher because of heavy amount of testing procedures involved? 95% of the query performance issues are caused due to inefficient coding practices, and hence it is of utmost importance to know how to eradicate code optimization issues from the database objects. This session will cover information around T-SQL code optimization techniques and how to identify and fix inefficient code with tools and techniques. We will also discuss how to reduce cost and increase performance using a design time performance/ cost metrics. During this session we will take you through several demos using anti-SQL patterns and show you how we can correct those with efficient T-SQL Patterns. Towards the end of the session we will discuss one of the Microsoft based service offering “T-SQL Patterns and Practices Review” which essentially provides a means of connecting to your code and database schema, and further helps with analyzing deep/nested/complex T-SQL statements using more than 100 intricate T-SQL Pattern rules based on Microsoft T-SQL coding best practices. This session is recommended to SQL DBA’s, anyone who has had a history of addressing SQL Server performance issues, and especially for those who are trying to migrate to newer versions of SQL Server. At the end of the session you will gain insight to efficient T-SQL Patterns.




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