Data Quality and the BI life cycle: Challenges of confident decision making

Play Data Quality and the BI life cycle: Challenges of confident decision making
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In today’s high pressured business environments the need for agile BI has forced users to produce information at an ever increasing rate. The aspect of data quality is often overlooked as the need to bring out information at a more rapid pace forces people to cut corners. More often than not, data quality plays a back seat role until serious questions are raised regarding some of the information that is being published and as a result questions are asked about the reliability of the decision making process._x000D_ _x000D_ This session will show business users how DQS can assist their business in identifying, resolving and managing data quality issues through a couple of clear and concise examples._x000D_ _x000D_ The session will also show how the DQS engine can integrate with SSIS backend data warehousing package to assist in automating data quality issue resolution, again through clear and concise code examples._x000D_




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