Monitor Virtualisation in System Center? Five Things You Must Know!

Play Monitor Virtualisation in System Center? Five Things You Must Know!
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Got System Center? Got Hyper-V? Got VMware? Learn how to harness the awesome power of System Center to monitor virtual environments running Hyper-V, VMware or both. In this session we demonstrate capacity planning, deep monitoring and automation to truly unlock heterogeneous hypervisor management using System Center and the Veeam Management Pack for System Center. _x000D_ _x000D_ Monitoring in a virtualised environment is fraught with peril. VM metrics can be at odds with host metrics, application metrics can be disparate from the virtual environment that supports them, and finding the correlation between components can be a nightmare that lasts way too long. What should you monitor? What do the numbers mean? What's good and bad? How can you prevent finger-pointing between virtualisation and application support teams? How can I get consolidated reporting without spending a week in a spreadsheet? These are just some of the challenges that Charles Clarke, industry commentator, blogger, Veeam technical director for APAC and self-avowed System Centre fan-boy will be addressing in this session._x000D_




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