An Introduction to ASP.NET vNext

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The Discussion

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    Quality is poor.

    Makes the code illegible :c

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    Payton Sondashi

    Will Microsoft continue to support ASP.NET Web forms on a long term basis? What plans does Microsoft have for ASP.NET Web forms?

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    Super Top Heavy Buzzword Visual Video Experience . New information about vnext is there but thin.

    "Agile", "Innovation", "Dependeny Management Experience". "The runtime has a first class understanding ...", "Lean" "Flexible". "Mission critical development experience".

    "Phenomenal Performance, Phenomenal Performance": Can you please show us just straight numbers instead of repeating these nice words?



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    Mark Costa

    I don't know about you guys but I feel Microsoft more and more distant from the real world developers...

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    What does Apple Laptop says there?

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    Doesn't OWIN in .Net (2013) already allow you to "only" include what you want for better perf?

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