Deep Dive - Deploying and Managing Windows To Go

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The Discussion

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    Hi !

    I am Learning tons from your session !

    And now for something completely different:

    It would be very interesting to see a real userstory !

    One scenario could be that you get a USB stick (including Direct Acces) when you go on holiday  - and then you return it.

    Otherwise how to handle security patches. Specifically when the usb stick isnt used for in 9 months and finally we delete the machine in our Active directory and SCCM.

    (to save program licens etc )

    I mean if the customer saves personal data to the stick they could be prefering to stick with the same usb even if they just use it every summer.

    Above is just an imagenery case of mine so I would love to see a list and also how you manage each one.

    In that respect I find that Microsoft is not so good to market Windows To Go.

    Actually it could be Microsofts best way to market Direct Access !

    Or Windonds as such beacuse they have something no other have !

    The possibilities is plentiful !



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