Working with Windows 8 Sensors, Devices, Proximity and Near Field Communication (NFC)

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Metro-style apps within Windows 8 are more are about the user being able to naturally navigate the user experience. So how do we extend the experience beyond simple look and feel? The use of sensors and device APIs within Windows 8 have been standardised and simplified to allow us to do just that. Having the ability to make your application respond to device movement, light, or location or simply capturing images are now smooth and easy to use. Proximity is the technology of the future that we have access to today. Traditionally we have seen the ability for two devices to connect to one another in concepts such as Microsoft’s Surface. As of now however any Windows 8 PC with Near Field Communication (NFC) capable hardware can allow two devices to connect to one another and let the real magic happen. This session explores the capabilities within the WinRT networking stack for proximity and how it can be used to connect Windows 8 to a whole realm of new experiences.



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