Evolving Agile Processes - Insights from a Product Development Company

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Working for a company that develops software and hardware products that are sold in markets all around the globe can have its challenges. At Gallagher our projects span support for legacy products through to innovative new developments using the latest Microsoft tools and technologies. From PC-based client and server software that is part of a complex distributed system, through to software embedded on devices that we design and manufacture ourselves. This presentation examines the evolution of our software development process over the last four years, as we transitioned from a traditional Waterfall approach to various flavours of Agile and Lean including SCRUM and Kanban. It also covers how we have integrated the Learning First Product Development (LFPD) methodology into our process and the benefits that has provided. The presentation will also cover the challenges we encountered and how we have altered our processes to solve them. For example: • Working on major architectural changes • Working with teams where members are not cross functional • Balancing business needs with technical needs • Some of our larger products aren’t releasable without months of regression and beta testing • Some projects are tightly integrated with hardware (embedded development)







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    Nice presentation well presented and showed insight into using modern practices and how they were adapted to suit a company's real needs

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