Microsoft SQL Server Data Solutions Using Microsoft Office Access

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One common challenge for enterprises great and small is a lack of programming resources to fulfill every need for working with data. Many successful Access applications start as small individual or departmental databases, and over time the simple solution that someone created becomes critical for the department or enterprise. SQL Server provides the scalability, availability, reliability and security that are required to fill the gap. Using Access as a front-end to a SQL Server back-end can provide a cost-effective solution for several scenarios, such as continuing to use Access forms and reports after Jet data has been migrated to SQL Server, or for ad hoc data entry, queries, and reporting. This session provides the techniques and prescriptive guidance to avoid the pitfalls and ensure success. Learn how to: Determine whether an existing Access/Jet application should be migrated or rewritten from scratch. Authenticate users and manage permissions in a secured environment. Work with SQL Server stored procedures, views, and user-defined functions. Conserve server and network resources by caching relatively static data on the client. Learn techniques to optimize performance. Leverage Access 2007 templates to speed development. Utilize query-by-form techniques and "unbound" forms. Troubleshoot data connectivity and performance issues with SQL Server Profiler.







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