Windows Logins Revealed (Repeats on 6/13)

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Every day we log into our Windows systems. But what really happens when we do? How DO our workstations and our domain controllers exchange logon information without revealing our passwords? Security hardening guides talk about how scary old-style LM, NTLM and NTLMv2 logons are, but why EXACTLY do they say thatâ€"particularly when it's practically impossible to keep all of the old-style logins from happening even in the most modern network? How DOES AD's favorite logon protocol, Kerberos, work? How is it more secure than the old guys, and where should you look more closely at securing it? Everyone wants to harden their systems and Windows supplies a wealth of really neat group policy and Registry settings, but many people still haven't taken those simple hardening steps because, first, they don't understand them entirely and, second, they fear compatibility problems. Join expert Windows explainer and security geek Mark Minasi in an in-depth look at how Windows logins work, how they can not work (and how you can fix them) as well as how to better secure them. After seeing this talk, you will have NO excuses for not tweaking those group policy security settings!







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