Driving Contextual Collaboration with Microsoft Office Communicator 2007

Play Driving Contextual Collaboration with Microsoft Office Communicator 2007
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How often have your users called or IM'd each other about information in your application? Why not build that communications functionality directly into your application! In this session we use the UC Platform to Contextual Collaboration solutions using IM, voice, and video communications built directly into applications. We start by building Presence information into an application using the MOC 2007 Presence Controls so users can see if coworkers are available and willing to communicate. Using the OC SDK, we use just a few lines of code to launch IM, voice, video, or conferencing sessions directly from an application. From there, we then add value to the conversation by building context into the convesation using information directly from your application similar to what Office Outlook 2007 does when you click the "Reply with IM" button in an e-mail.







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