Creating Location-Aware Applications for Windows Mobile Devices

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More and more Windows Mobile powered devices ship with integrated global positioning system (GPS) hardware. Since Windows Mobile devices are typically used on the road, it makes a lot of sense to add location awareness to your applications. In the upcoming future, Maarten Struys foresees location-aware applications moving beyond traditional navigation software. Adding location awareness to all kinds of social networking applications could be the next big thing for Windows Mobile devices. In this sample-filled session, Maarten shows you how you can make use of the GPS Intermediate Driver to retrieve GPS information from inside managed applications. Learn how to use the FakeGPS utility to test location-enabled applications without needing access to a physical GPS device and also learn how to feed FakeGPS with your own recorded location information. Of course, you will also see a real location-aware application, based on the Microsoft Virtual Earth Web Service, on a Windows Mobile Device in action.







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