Microsoft Expression Blend from a Developer's Point of View

Play Microsoft Expression Blend from a Developer's Point of View
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Not a designer? Overwhelmed by Expression Blend? Not a problem! This session shows how to use Expression Blend to create advanced and polished user interfaces, regardless of whether the application you build is a business application, multi-media application, or anything in between. In the course of this session, the presenter not only provides an overview of the Blend features from a Developer's point-of-view, but also shows how to use the tools to create professional graphical effects and visual elements that can be used and learned by anyone, regardless of artistic talent. After attending this session, you'll have a better understanding of how Blend and Microsoft Visual Studio can be used in tandem throughout the development cycle. Also, learn how to create and maintain visual styles and skins as part of the graphical design and layout of an application. You may not be a designer, but you can create good looking applications, regardless!



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