A Modular Approach to Development Process

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Architects always strive for modularity to achieve extensibility, maintainability, and reuse – the technology for the modules, the glue, changes over time, from objects, to .NET to WCF. And yet, all of these introduce inherit complexity. When you design a highly modular system, it would be naive of you to expect that the things you will do differently will be limited to design and technology. The development process itself needs to be modular, accommodating the complexity of the modules as a system. In this intense session, Juval shares his original techniques, metrics, and ideas, all practiced in real life, allowing for a module-oriented development process. This talk presents a battle-hardened development process that you can immediately apply to achieve robust applications, manage requirements, and ensure faster time to market. Also, see how the various team members – the architect, the project manager and developers – should work in concert, and their respective tasks and responsibilities towards the modules.







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