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In today’s Web applications, data is no longer locked up behind a Web site, but is now exposed via a set of service APIs that allow for third-party developers to create an endless number of experiences on a variety of platforms and devices. The OData protocol will usher in a more open and programmable Web by creating a common funnel to expose rich data, thereby creating a world of customized consumer mash-ups; a world where government data is transparent and accessible to any citizen; a world where you can ask a question and know, “There’s a feed for that.” Not only does this impact how we make data available on the Web, but it can have a profound impact on how we make data available in the enterprise. The OData ecosystem is composed of consumers and publishers, including Microsoft’s own implementations in WCF Data Services as well as integration into our products such as SharePoint and Excel. In this session, we discuss the OData protocol and show how it will change the way we think about exchanging data inside and outside the enterprise.







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