BDM Session: How Does the Microsoft BI Stack...Stack Up?

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You're an experienced Microsoft BI professional and you think Microsoft's is the best BI stack out there. What happens if your employer or client has a large investment in a competing stack and therefore wants to use it instead? Perhaps you’re a CTO or development manager and you need to make a purchasing decision. You know Microsoft BI appears cheaper, but you'd like to understand how it really measures up to its competition. How can you compare Microsoft to its competitors, product by product, if you don't know the competing stacks? In this session, Andrew Brust, long-time Microsoft BI expert, author and Microsoft BI Partner Advisory Council Member examines the product makeup, capabilities, reputation, and relative pricing of Microsoft's BI competitors, from the big guys, to the niche players, to the open source stacks and cloud BI startups. Learn where Microsoft bests its competition, how its price structure compares, where it may be subject to criticism, and where the stack is headed in future releases. Learn the lineage and acquisition history of multiple vendors' BI stacks and how well those acquisitions and integrations have, or have not, been executed. Finally, learn where the competitive stacks interoperate with Microsoft BI, and in some cases where they require it. At the end of this session, you'll be able to make an informed decision on the selection of Microsoft BI, and be better able to justify that decision to a non-technical audience or to technologists not familiar with Microsoft's BI products.







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