Behavior-Driven Development in the Real World

Play Behavior-Driven Development in the Real World
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Explore the results of evolving a BDD testing model in a real-world project. See how the code base and requirements started, and where they evolved to over the course of the project. We also see a formal model for BDD expression that we found very effective over time. This session will help you determine if BDD is real, and whether it is applicable for your next project. More than a great technique for creating and organizing unit tests, BDD is also a wonderful way to communicate with your customers and users about the software being created. This session demonstrates some techniques and tools you can use to start delivering software with BDD: • Requirements techniques • Rolling your own unit tests • Using BDD frameworks This session explores effective ways to create software starting with solid Agile requirements, moving all the way through automated testing which demonstrates success of those requirements. We use .NET in C# and Visual Studio ALM, although none of these exact tools are required to accomplish the goals we set forth.







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