The Secrets of Effective Technical Talks: How to Explain Tech without Tucking Them In!

Play The Secrets of Effective Technical Talks: How to Explain Tech without Tucking Them In!
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One of the most essential professional skills in any organization is communication: you've got to be as successful in talking to the carbon units as you are in talking to the silicon units, or even your greatest ideas will fall on deaf ears. (At least, that's the case until the silicon units start controlling salaries and budgets.) The sad fact, though, is that most of us hate the idea of presenting ideas and concepts, whether in giving a short training session on a new piece of software or in pitching a new IT project to the boss. People fear public speaking more than death, some authorities claim and that may be true, but that fear is easily fixed -- just learn twelve steps to effective presentation, and you'll find that giving talks can be a whole lot of fun. Today's tough economic times have led many of us to wonder what skills we'll need to stay in IT over the next five, ten, or twenty years; come to this talk to improve, enhance, and polish what may well be the most important of those skills. Join popular twenty-five-year veteran techie presenter Mark Minasi and techie rock star Mark Russinovich, both of whose talks regularly rank in the top ten of Tech·Ed talks, as they explain The Twelve Tips To Topnotch Technical Talks in this fast-paced, entertaining and informative explanation of, well, how to give an explanation!







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