AppLocker: Your Solution for True Application Smackdown

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The goal of AppLocker is simple enough: block applications users should and shouldn’t use. Sounds simple enough -- until you realize you have zillions of known and unknown applications on your desktops. How can you decide which ones to allow and which ones to squelch? In this AppLocker deep-dive, Group Policy Guru Jeremy Moskowitz from “busts the doors off” (so you don’t have to.) Learn how to start small with AppLocker and gain confidence that it’s doing what you expect, before you turn down the thumbscrews. Learn how to perform testing and implementation on a single machine, and with a fleet of machines. Plus, learn how AppLocker can be managed using PowerShell to make even quicker work of AppLocker. If you’ve played with Microsoft’s Software Restriction Policies, and are ready to take your functionality to the next level, don’t miss this intensive session.







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