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It seemed that Bing came out of nowhere. Even Microsoft MVPs, who are privileged to product information earlier than most, were surprised by the release of the new search engine. Well, Bing really does seem to be holding its own and even standing out above other engines in many ways. But part of the great thing about a search engine is the ability for us to leverage them from beyond just the Web browser -- to access their services from our own applications. Bing exposes a great API to do just that, and not just the simple ability to perform text searches, but also image, video, and many specialty searches. In this session, learn how to access the Bing API and perform all its great functionality from within your own applications, by using another great Microsoft technology, Windows Communication Foundation (WCF). WCF has the ability to act upon both SOAP and REST so it's great for not only writing APIs but for consuming outside APIs as well. Come see how. And as a bonus, we may wrap some of this stuff into some custom controls, too.







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