New Remote Management Technologies in Windows Server 2008 R2

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Windows Server 2008 R2 continues to build on the most significant advancement in enterprise management and automation technologies that assist IT in their efforts to administer and troubleshoot large server environments. This session not only shows disparate in-the-box Windows Server 2008 R2 management technologies, but demonstrates how they work together to enable new automation, alerting, monitoring, and troubleshooting scenarios. These technologies include WMI, Windows Remote Management (WS-Man), Windows Remote Shell, Windows Eventing and Event Forwarding, PowerShell scripting, and PowerShell remoting. This Chalk Talk will focus on demos and whiteboard in order to facilitate a deeper discussion about these technologies and how they fit together. In addition, several corporate scenarios will be discussed that use these new features as well as the problems they addressed. These scenarios include tracking intermittent edge case issues in a large environment, running scripts against a large number of servers, and remotely troubleshooting systems across un-trusted networks. These technologies will be presented in an enterprise context so they can be leveraged across a very large number of servers where automation and programmatic action is critical (including down-level platforms). The demos will be enterprise management system agnostic (focusing purely on in-box Windows Server features), but provide the attendee with building blocks that will enable integration into existing IT monitoring systems.





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