Microsoft RemoteFX: USB and Device Support

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Remote Desktop Services has provided many device redirection mechanisms supporting access of locally attached devices from rich clients. With VDI becoming prominent and the increased use of thin clients in VDI scenarios, we are introducing a new USB device redirection fuctionality as part of our new RemoteFX user experience enhancements in RDP. This session discusses how the new USB device redirection feature fits in with the higher-level device redirection mechanisms RDP already supports and also drills down into the details of the new feature – what categories of USB devices are supported, deployment guidelines with thin and rich clients, and system architecture. A VDI deployment cannot be complete without enabling a great user experience, which includes the ability to access local devices in the remote virtual machine. If you want to learn about RemoteFX and how it bolsters Microsoft’s user experience story for, and if you want to see the new USB redirection feature in action with a few interesting demos, this is your session!







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