Microsoft SQL Server Beyond Relational Landscape: Current and Future

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Many database applications today need to manage not only tabular relational data,but documents,images,objects such as spatial objects etc. In fact,80% or more of the data produced and stored are so-called unstructured documents and are often not stored in the database,but often need to be managed in conjunction with relational data. In order to facilitate the storage and management of such non-relational data,SQL Server has been adding storage and query services that goes beyond relational data management support. For unstructured data,SQL Server has evolved from storing blobs to providing a sophisticated integration with the Windows Filesystem and provides rich services over such data to provide an interesting and compelling application development experience. SQL Server supports complex data such as XML and spatial 2D objects and provides search capabilities over unstructured data. This presentation provides an overview of the Beyond Relational landscape,focusing on the area of unstructured data processing capabilities and spatial support of SQL Server 2008 and Denali,ranging from storing BLOBs and spatial objects over remote BLOB stores to the new additions in SQL Server code-named "Denali" that provide full Windows application-compatible file management over files stored in SQL Server as well as the services to unlock the information in such data such as the extensions and improvements to FullText Search and the introduction of Semantic document processing in SQL Server "Denali".



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