Advanced Programming Patterns for Windows 7

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Windows 7 development in managed code can be very simple,especially for those using the Windows API Code Pack. But there's more! Your integration with Windows 7 doesn't have to be limited to simple interactions with the new API. This session goes beyond the simple and into aspects of Windows 7 development that have in the past been left for you to explore on your own. See how to create a jumplist with a task that delivers a command to your application,as Messenger and Outlook do. Explore a simple and powerful recipe for connecting to Restart and Recovery with minimal effort. Discover how Trigger Started Services can reduce your power footprint while giving your users better responsiveness. Explore all that libraries have to offer beyond "File Open" and why using a library is a better approach than having a user setting for "save directory."



The Discussion

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    No C++ :(
    My heart just dropped there and i stopped watching the video.

    I'm disappointed to see Kate Gregory go over to the dark side and give c# special treatment.

    There's already too many of c# out there showing the exactly same thing!
    Even visual studio gives special treatment to vb and c#, like features that doesnt work for c++.

    If anything c++ should have special treatment since its a global standard, that microsoft have agreed upon too btw, nice double standard microsoft !

    Somebody should kick you out of the c++ group already.

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    Actually it's good for her to present new stuff also. Even if we are primarily native developer it doesn't mean it doesn't do us good to understand/embrace other things too :-)

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