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    Awesome !!!

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    Be great if you could have a popup search window for the search box for any commands. that way you can press say shift-~ and immediately focus where the mouse is then enter command and press enter to move on rather than focus up top right corner.

    Great video by the way.

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    really nice usability & perf enhancements. Looking forward to the release. Was there an announcement on the rough timeframe for vNext?

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    Dean Herbert

    Great talk! Can't wait to get my hands on this. Preview tabs is one of the best ideas I've heard in quite a while. The parallel and backgrounded build is also a huge relief; I have actually been using a custom msbuild script (pinned to my taskbar) to run my builds, so I can keep VS2010 responsive while it runs.

    Hopefully you can also get permission to release some early CTP builds of this soon ;).

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    Nice demo! I really like the search & multi-monitor enhancements.

    Looking forward to an early CTP.

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    Some fab looking new features there in the IDE.

    Only worrying thing I noticed is the disappearance of the "Solution Platforms" toolbar combo selector. Not just from the default toolbar selection, but it's also absent from the available buttons list shown at 13:54. It might not seem useful to the C# guys, but it's necessary for anyone doing multi platform C++ work. Hopefully it will find its way back in the UI before CTP, or you will have some annoyed C++ developers if there's no way to change the current platform selection.

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    vijay kumar lokanadam

    awesome ! all this stuff shud have been vs2010. got lot of bad mouth because of the sluggishness. atleast now with vnext we have a beautiful and powerful product. well done vs team.

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    @markheath: No timeframe has been announced yet.

    @JustinK: It's a design we considered and liked, but because it was non-standard VS UI, we ran into a lot of issues with command routing and focus.  Ultimately, we settled on a more discoverable and standard UI approach. 

    @DuncanL:  I was using the C# profile which doesn't have the "Solution Platforms" toolbar combo there by default, even in VS2010.  For General Settings, that toolbar combo will be available in the overflow.

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    This looks pretty good, some nice improvements there. One thing I was reminded of is how bad the fonts settings are. You have to edit, click ok to see what it looks like in the document, go back to fonts, scroll down to the setting you were editing... This really could be improved.

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    There are some major improvements to the UI and overall user experience. Adding project references seems to an absolute breeze - which, might I add, is something I look forward to the most.

    Well done VS Team, and thank you!

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    Thanks very much for showing this to us early on, and thanks for adding new features to make using VS better, rather than just dumping new technology features in. Thanks for addressing performance!!

    I too would like to see a way to preview the environment/IDE font changes without having to close/re-open fonts dialog.

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    Great stuff. I'm a C++ & C++/CLI dev and it was heartening to see that the Solution Explorer improvements will come for us too. Can you comment on availability of a few other things for C++ devs?

    1) When I click Add References for a C++/CLI project in the Framework and References property page, will we get the more responsive Add References dialog? It doesn't in VS2010 with the Productivity Tools installed.

    2) Any chance of distributed builds (to more machines) for C++ builds? Our Mac XCode project builds at least 10x faster than our Windows builds thanks to distributed builds. (don't recommend IncrediBuild).  I can predict your answer so please take this as another vote for distributed builds.

    3) Any way to get menus and toolbars on that separate tab well window for my second monitor?

    Keep up the good work.

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    One more suggestion I'm reminded of while watching the cool Search improvements.

    It sure would be great to have a search/filter box in the Debugger Quick Watch window to help me quickly filter down to member(s) I'm interested in looking at without manually drilling my way down the tree expanding tree nodes.  This is especially important for C++ devs working in Mixed Mode b/c we usually cannot get tooltip debug values for managed fields in mixed-mode source files while debugging and must go through the tedium of the Quick Watch window to drill and see field values. agony

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    @foubadcats:  Unfortunately we aren't ready to announce further C++ IDE details at this time.  You should follow the Visual C++ team blog for announcements.

    3) Unfortunately no.  Duplicating the menu and commanding system over two different inputs is a large and complex work item.  

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    Any Text Templating IDE improvements? We really need syntax highlighting, intellisense and proper build integration (build all templates OOB).

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    I wound like to be able to search in objects and their data in the watch window. Many objects are very deep nested in containers and wrappers.

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    Somehow i expected more. I'm disappointed.

    I am seeing a bad trend of talkers demoing with c# projects
    Where's the c++ love ?
    Stop sticking c# and vb in our face !
    It will only make us hate you and those languages even more.

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    @Jack:  I don't believe the Text Templating team has announced their new features yet.

    @watch:  I heard that suggestion a few times at TechEd.  I'll chat with the debugging team to see if they have plans to support it in vNext.

    @Gord: As I mentioned above, we were not ready to discuss many of the new C++ IDE enhancements at TechEd, but you'll be hearing more about them in the future.  Almost everything I demoed will work in C++.

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    Is there any possibilities to add opened document to document side-by-side diff and merge?  I've always desired this feature and it would be really useful I think...

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    The preview-tabs is indeed a must-have, good thinking!

    I like the idea of invoking commands to Visual Studio, as you show in the search box. However, allthough it is definitely handy when missing a command-window, it just feels wrong to use a searchbox for commands (instead of "search").

    Having a Powershell enabled command-window available all-the time would in my opinion have been a better choice.

    I can also think of extensibility options for such a command-window: see the NuGet Console window, which in fact is Powershell enabled. Why would anyone need to "invent" such a command window? Why not enable people to put their efforts in the actual commands they want to expose?

    It would be great if we could just type "New-Project" or "Attach-Process" in such window, instead of in a searchbox. No need for fancy UI, intellisense could work just as well in a commandline window. Using the searchbox, people need to know the commands anyway.




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    I loved the build stats tool. Where can I get it from?

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