Extending Microsoft Visual Studio LightSwitch Applications

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Visual Studio LightSwitch simplifies developing line-of-business applications and is extensible for future needs. In this demo-intensive session discover what is under the hood to better understand the architecture of a LightSwitch application. Learn how you can use Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Professional and Microsoft Expression Blend 4 to customize and extend its UI and Data layers for when the application’s requirements grow beyond what is supported by default. Finally,learn how to develop extensions for your organization or customers using Visual Studio 2010 and Microsoft Silverlight,create components that will be used in a completed LightSwitch line-of-business application without having to rewrite the application.



The Discussion

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    Hi Beth,
    When I watch you video, I found two smart shell used in you project: Mune and mach, Where Can I get them?

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    Hi Beth,
    this is too smart, can u place code here?

    Thanks in Advance

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    can you please place code?
    thank you

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    maina moses

    please let me know where i can get the two beautiful shells.
    Thank you

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