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Often overlooked as a potential development time-saver,customizing Visual Studio has never been easier,with Visual Studio 2010. From the old familiar Macro system all the way to custom Packages,Visual Studio 2010 provides a number of options for extending its functionality. With the addition of the Managed Extensibility Framework (MEF) and the new VSIX packaging model,getting your extensibility solution loaded and distributed isn’t a difficult task,it’s a joy. Come to this session to see how you can take advantage of these different forms of extensibility and use them to improve your dev,test,debug and deployment experience.



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    Okay I watched over 25 minutes now and I can safely say you wasted everyones time with your 'presentation' I would have walked out.

    Great you just said "Thats the beauty of demos" wrong. Really you got to be kidding me, how ignorant are you?
    Have you not ever heard of preparation? Did you even once bother to rehearse?

    Skipped to the end, your joke, was it really a joke?! ...

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