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The software industry is in a deep crisis. Projects suffer from low quality,schedule slips and cost overruns are common. But this is hardly ordained,since there are plenty of examples of projects done on schedule,on budget,on quality in a repeatable manner. The key for solving the crisis is to practice software development as an engineering discipline,just like it is done in mechanical or electrical engineering. That is exactly the responsibility of the modern software architect,which must address software systems from an engineering standpoint,applying age-old engineering practices to software development. Armed with that crucial observation,Juval shares his perspective on the key set of skills required of the architect,the role architects have to play in order for the project to succeed,what it implies both to companies and to individual architects,and how architects should navigate and manage their own career path and personal growth.









The Discussion

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    I wish on this session they had the camera pointing to Juval. He is so illustrated! An amazing speaker, great ideas, cool presentation. He can make the people of the desert buy sand and make it fun.


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    Great Session!

    We require so much from other disciplines, but very litte from so called software developers.

    Architecture becomes even more important with distributed systems and will be even more critical to successful cloud integration.

    I would love to attend one of your master classes! Need some more around the U.S.

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    Slide deck is bad

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