Microsoft SQL Server: The Data and BI Platform for Today and Tomorrow

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Foundational Sessions bridge the general topics outlined in the keynote address and the in-depth coverage in breakout sessions by sharing the company’s vision,strategy and roadmap for particular products and technologies,and are delivered by Microsoft senior executives. Attend this session for a demo-intensive visual tour through the new SQL Server and discover what’s possible for end users,developers and IT alike to help organizations unlock the value of exploding data volumes,create business solutions fast,and deliver mission critical capabilities at low TCO in their enterprise and in the cloud.







The Discussion

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    We had a lot of fun pulling this together.  I hope folks get some good info from it.  I wanted to point out a couple of things in my demo of the new SQL Server Developer Tools code-named "Juneau"  (SSDT) that we haven't talked about before.

    The first newsworthy item deals with the ship vehicles for SSDT which are:

    • With SQL Server Code Name "Denali" via stand-alone Visual Studio 2010 Shell or integrated with an existing Visual Studio 2010 installation.
    • On the web via Web Platform Installer (just announced)
    • With Visual Studio vNext

    I'm particularly excited about the Web PI distribution plans for SSDT.  This means you can get your hands on just our tools without having to install SQL Server or Visual Studio, which should be really popular with web developers.  You may be wondering whether the tools would be useful if you don't have SQL Server installed or a SQL Azure Database subscription. 

    That brings us to our second newsworthy item which deals with the new SQL Server Code Name "Denali" Express Local Database Runtime (LocalDb).  Here are the high points:

    • New deployment option for SQL Server Express.
    • Installs as a small shared component instead of a service.
    • Can be bundled with an app, like SSDT for example which uses it to test and debug SQL Server applications locally without having to install SQL Server.
    • Supports full Transact-SQL functionality, including Stored Procedures and Triggers.
    • Apps that use it simply open a file.  Once you do this you get SQL Server goodness when working with that file, including things like ACID transaction support.
    • Once a file is opened the app that opens it has exclusive use.  It's not intended for multi-user scenarios or to be used as a server.  If you need that stuff you should install SQL Server.

    I'll be blogging about these capabiliites in the months to come, please subscribe to feeds on my blog if you want to follow the news.

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    Can we do Merge Replication with this Local Database Runtime as a subscriber?


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    @rdoherty:Can we do Merge Replication with this Local Database Runtime as a subscriber?

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    There is some confusion about the SSDT and Denali projects.

    May be you should clarify that confusion.





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    @ivan_:Ivan, LocalDb as far as I know LocalDb will not function as a Merge Replication subscriber.  You will need full blown express for that.

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    @tormenta:What confusion exactly?

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