Make Yourself Comfortable and REST with Microsoft .NET

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Today with the influx of devices and move to the cloud,it is becoming more and more common for organizations to expose their systems over HTTP in a lightweight and RESTFul manner. You CAN use Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) to build true REST services! With Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0 we introduced a host of functionality to make acheiving REST with WCF easier like conneg support,ETAgs,and ASP.NET Route integration. Come to this talk and explore the new features in .NET 4.0 and get comfortable using them to build systems that adhere to the constraints of REST. We also talk about other tips and tricks like how to integrate with an IoC container to make your resources more testable. Finally,get a preview of the recently announed WCF WEB APIs which are a deep investement to take our HTTP and REST support to the next level.







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