Integrating Microsoft SharePoint 2010 and Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online

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SharePoint and CRM is a match made in heaven! With Dynamics CRM 2011 & CRM Online,Microsoft provides out-of-box document integration with SharePoint 2010 but customers are increasingly looking for ways to integrate these two technologies further. In this developer-focused session,we take a look at how you can bring CRM data to SharePoint using webparts,Business Connectivity Services (BCS),web services and more. You will also see demos of BCS Connector for CRM and an end-to-end online application connecting SharePoint Online,CRM Online,Microsoft Silverlight and Azure. If you’re looking to understand how you can integrate these two technologies,then you won’t want to miss this demo-filled session.







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    Lot of interest in this. So many people had no idea the flexibility built-in to CRM was available. Thanks for this great post Girish.

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