Best Practices for Private Cloud Implementation

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Want to build out a Microsoft Private Cloud solution? Want to learn the best practices for implementing,managing and growing your Private cloud topology? Come to this session to ramp up on the various private cloud best practices and lessons learned during industry and internal implementations of Microsoft's Private Cloud solution. This session helps you to get the most out of your Microsoft Private Cloud implementation.







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The Discussion

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    Seriously, "if your virtualized your already running a cloud" what planet has this guy been living on. Even if you can,t clearly define what a private cloud is, ita far from just virtualization

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    I think you need an education on the basics, most clouds are nothing more than a hybrid core virtualization stack. So if you think the cloud has truly been realized you are the one that needs to come back to mother earth!

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    Daddy Llama

    By the way DaddyIaan - This session was one of the best sessions I attended at TechEd, this guy atleast is talking from the real world scenario and can relate to us IT Pros living their. I wonder how much experience you have on Virtualization and cloud in general based on your response, seems more like a personal vendetta to me!

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    My Apologies. My comments were too harsh. His presentation was very well done and an excellent demo of that product. But seriously it’s all about the definition of a Cloud. When he tells IT Pros that they "have a cloud because they have virtualization", it only sets them up for failure with the end users. If you define cloud only as a self service portal for users and an admin control portal for VM/Machine management yes he is right.

    But its nowhere near the cost benefit and functionality of a Public Cloud. Public Clouds are risky compared to our current environment and expectations are high. But if you take the hardware savings out of the equation for a building a Private Cloud and add it all up, it will cost more than your current infrastructure, hence the eventual failure as you try to compete (with Amazon). Our infrastructure management systems are advancing quickly, that’s great, its long overdue and vendors are attempting to cash in, that’s ok too. But using a term for a completely different business model is just confusing. So call it RTI, automation, hybrid cloud or progress whatever you wish. But don't call it a Cloud.

    So I agree, great presenter, great overview. Thank you I stand corrected.

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