Tricks-of-the-Trade after More Than a Decade of Microsoft Active Directory

Play Tricks-of-the-Trade after More Than a Decade of Microsoft Active Directory

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    thomas mullen

    I’m attending Tech-Ed, and the only way to download sessions, including infrastructure-related ones, is to go to Channel 9 an MSDN. When I go to one from a couple of days ago, WSV401, I go to this URL ( and discover that I cannot download it, and in fact cannot even view it!! What’s up with this? And if we cannot download them here, why do all the earlier tech-ed online URLs now bring me to Channel 9? This is maddening.

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    Same problem here, I have been trying to view this session too but it isn't available anywhere!

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    Mike Kline

    This was one of the presentations that was streamed live during TechEd for everyone to watch and Jairo did a great job. I'm now watching it again from the recorded version and I must have missed where Jairo talked about the slide deck he would upload and how it would contain more topics that he didn't have time to cover.

    The slide deck has 255 slides with a ton of great info. That is outstanding Jairo!! I've never seen anyone go all out like that on a presentation. Much appreciated.



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