AppFabric Caching: How It Works and When You Should Use It

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Caching is a key technology for improving application performance and scale. It does so by taking the load off your database, and moving frequently used data into a distributed memory storage that resides close to the application components accessing it. This session focuses on Windows Server AppFabric Caching technology and provides a technical view of how developers can take advantage of it. We first discuss the three types of data that exist in any type of system, and how to best cache each one of them. We then cover the caching offers in both Windows Server AppFabric and Windows Azure AppFabric, and examine the key differences between the two. If you want to really, really understand caching and how to use it in the most optimal manner, this is the session for you!







The Discussion

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    The link to the MP4 and WMV files are broken.

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    @SellRex:Fixed, sorry about that!

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    Disagree with both presenters on the point that the new caching structure is ALWAYS better. If an app is running just fine on two ExtraSmall instances ($29) with the AppFabric Caching Service at 128MB ($45), you are at about $74 per month. The new Azure Caching is only available for Small instances. Two Smalls will cost about $144 (6-month plan). That's $70 difference! ... per month! It's a world of difference in cost. In fact, you have to get all the way up to 7 ExtraSmall instances with 128MB AppFabic cache before you get to the cost of 2 Small instances.

    If the app only needs a few ExtraSmall instances because it's a low demand app, but you still want the speed of a cache so that those on the app do have a better experience with it, then the AppFabric Cache is a GREAT solution. The new caching system wouldn't be a good choice under these conditions.

    Also note that ExtraSmall instances have rather limited memory available. Because AppFabric caching service runs totally outside that memory, it's the perfect choice for those running things on ExtraSmall instances.

    Therefore, I hope MS will keep the old AppFabric cache around. I sort of doubt it ... it might even be a marketing play to get many apps off of the el cheapo ExtraSmall instances. I have noted that the AppFabric system has been removed from the Azure pricing calculator. That seems to indicate that they are going to depreciate it at some point. My suggestion is to keep it around.

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    The link to the slides is broken.

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