Overview and Roadmap of Windows Azure Service Bus

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This session provides a comprehensive overview of the Windows Azure Service Bus and the current and upcoming capabilities that are being added. Learn what the capabilities are, how they work, how you use them, and what scenarios and problems they are useful for. This session is for attendees who are new to Service Bus. #TEAZR308







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The Discussion

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    Well, HTTP relay was a new thing in 2005, before UltiDev created HttpVPN (http://ultidev.com/products/HttpVPN/). It's so Microsofty to figure out this seven years later and call it a new thing. Unlike Azure, UltiDev's HttpVPN takes any king of web requests (not just web services), including regular web page requests, and serves them via their portal, replacing LAN-based links/hrefs/URLs in responses with their Portal-based URLs.

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    Well, Vlad, we had the first version of the Relay in 05/2006. So that's not quite 7 years since 2005. See: https://blogs.msdn.com/b/labsrelay/archive/2006/05/31/612288.aspx 

    And what's up with "Please keep in mind that HttpVPN is still a Beta and is a bit unpolished." on the page you point to? Smiley

    Kind Regards

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    The session is a good overview of the service bus. It shows capabilities of new SDK 1.7 and is an invitation to use it now yourself. I worked with SDK 1.7 through Visual Studio 2012 RC and service bus explorer for instance works seamlessly. Samples were cleare and illustrative of concepts.

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    @SteefJan:Thanks! Glad you liked it.

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