Overview and Roadmap of Windows Azure Service Bus

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    Well, HTTP relay was a new thing in 2005, before UltiDev created HttpVPN (http://ultidev.com/products/HttpVPN/). It's so Microsofty to figure out this seven years later and call it a new thing. Unlike Azure, UltiDev's HttpVPN takes any king of web requests (not just web services), including regular web page requests, and serves them via their portal, replacing LAN-based links/hrefs/URLs in responses with their Portal-based URLs.

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    Well, Vlad, we had the first version of the Relay in 05/2006. So that's not quite 7 years since 2005. See: https://blogs.msdn.com/b/labsrelay/archive/2006/05/31/612288.aspx 

    And what's up with "Please keep in mind that HttpVPN is still a Beta and is a bit unpolished." on the page you point to? Smiley

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    The session is a good overview of the service bus. It shows capabilities of new SDK 1.7 and is an invitation to use it now yourself. I worked with SDK 1.7 through Visual Studio 2012 RC and service bus explorer for instance works seamlessly. Samples were cleare and illustrative of concepts.

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    @SteefJan:Thanks! Glad you liked it.

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