Deploying SharePoint Farms on Windows Azure Virtual Machines

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Microsoft is making significant investments in running virtual machines on Windows Azure Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS). One of the primary scenarios is running SharePoint on Windows Azure. In this session you will learn how to deploy SharePoint instances and full SharePoint farms on the new persistent virtual machine role. You will also learn how to fully automate the deployment of the farms using PowerShell. If you run SharePoint, this is the must see session of TechEd. #TEAZR327







The Discussion

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    Thank you Paul. Watching this video enabled me to deploy Sharepoint for Development purposes on Azure. It clearly shows your knowledge on Azure and your excellent presentation skills. 


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    Hi Paul,

    While I was able to upload the Sharepoint VHD as an Azure Image, I couldn't create and deploy an instance of Sharepoint Virtual Machine using your example. I opened a ticket with Support  and apparently according to Microsoft Azure support thinks, deploying Sharepoint Hyper-V VHDs on Azure Virtual Machine is not possible. I am wondering how were you able to successfully deploy the Sharepoint VHD into the Azure cloud as shown in your presentation? Thanks!

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    Paul Stubbs

    @YusufAbdi: This is possible using the new Azure Virtual Machines. There are a number of blog posts that walk through how to do this as well as how I explain it in this video (also there is another one I did for TechEd EMEA). We are working on creating some whitepapers for MSDN that will be released soon as well.

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