MVVM in XAML: Simple and Easy

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There are way too many overly complex Model View View Model (MVVM) design patterns and libraries in the development world. How is a programmer that is new to Microsoft Silverlight, Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) or Windows Phone to ever learn how to use MVVM quickly and easily? This session guides you step-by-step through how to take advantage of this powerful design pattern. You don't have to learn any of the MVVM libraries; instead learn how to use your own classes to implement MVVM. The main goal of MVVM is to help you develop code that is testable and re-usable, and this can be accomplished by just using a simple approach to MVVM. You will walk away with some great base classes that will help you incorporate MVVM into your XAML applications.



The Discussion

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    Thanks Paul it was great to watch.

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    Hey this was great .. i was banging my head for MVVM but it was hard to get clear basics of MVVM .. thank you ..!! n u said "You could get the samples which you have discussed in this lecture ?" Can we get those samples because those have got  good understanding materials  


    Thanks in advance 


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    Thank you very much, it was very very very easy to follow and understand. Now I see MVVM on a more brighter light.

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    Where to get code samples from this video?

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