Essential Tips for the Windows Azure Startup

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A startup often needs to build something fast and show traction, but also wants to create a solid foundation for the product roadmap—all while operating on a minimal budget and few resources. While a lot of this is up to you, certainly the Windows Azure Platform and related development and management tools can help you build quality applications, rich in features, and help you deploy, manage and monitor those applications in a lean startup environment. In this session we talk about building applications for the Windows Azure Platform with a startup mentality. We build a web application based on HTML 5, MVC 4, CSS 3 and JavaScript, and expose services built with the ASP.NET Web API, and discuss how to deploy them together and scale them out later including domain mapping considerations. The application leverages blob storage; implement queued, asynchronous work; include caching features; and leverages access control for the authentication flow. We touch on the decisions you'll need to make related to role allocations, noSQL and traditional RDBMS, choice of queuing mechanisms, and security architecture. We also talk about how you deploy and monitor your application with few resources. The goal: to give you essential tips that will help you be quickly successful with your first live application in the Windows Azure Platform without sacrificing a quality implementation.



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