Nokia with Windows Phone: Learning How to Tile

Play Nokia with Windows Phone: Learning How to Tile

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    Very Interesting. The univeristy ecosystem especially so. Great to see that Nokia have some interesitng Ideas and R&D to bring to the Party.

    Microsoft and Nokia are still rubbish at marketing. So useful tag lines from this would be:

    The WP ecosystem is orientated towards a semaless and integrated end user experience on not on individual Apps Centric aporach. The TV adverts should be showing the 'Smoked by WP Phones videos' for everyday tasks. Apple iOS adverts look better and slicker, until you see the small print 'Some sequences have been shortened' - Go and market against that guys, and show that WP phones are faster, easier.

    The other Marketting strategy, is to use a bit of humour: Show a m User using the Nokia Lumia as a Hammer, without marking the screen, and then taking a call with the Tag line 'But please buy a Hammer !' - That was awesome - USE THAT in Marketing !

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