Lync Deep Dive: Edge Media Connectivity with ICE

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This session provides in-depth information on how we establish media connectivity using ICE, STUN, and TURN. We discuss how clients and server find and allocate IP addresses locally and on the Edge Server to find the optimal media path. We discuss the theory as well as look into logs to see this magic happen. We also discuss why this knowledge is very important when troubleshooting connectivity problems.




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The Discussion

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    Far one of the best presentations about ICE, STUN and TURN I have ever seen! Especially the part at 51:30 candidate promotion: that single piece of information was the most valuable part of the whole presentation for me! Its hard to admit, but I always do hang up the call immediately after it has been established and I confirmed the bidirectional audio session, so I never waited long enough for this re-Invite to happen, and was getting crazy mad why I dont see the mutually agreed IP:port combination for the call. Man, even if there were other valuable pieces in your session (there were indeed!), just this single fact already justified spending this 1 hour watching it.

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    Oh, 1 more thing: the sentence you can hear at 59:30 should be printed with giant RED letters into all documentation that discusses ICE, STUN and TURN. Another Level400 diamond!

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    Wow Bryan!

    Fantastic session! Great presentation skills and a kewl subject. Lots of useful stuff with a few 'Aha!' moments for me.. Really relevant for understanding all this complex subject better.

    A few links on the subject, though the middle one is on OCS

    Lync Server Resource Kit - Chapter 19 - Troubleshooting Application Workloads
    Section called : Troubleshooting Application Sharing - Unable to Start a Peer-to-Peer Application Sharing Session, pages 38->40

    How Communicator Uses SDP and ICE To Establish a Media Channel

    Lync Edge Hairpin Requirement

    -Jonas, Denmark

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    Awesome video Bryan.   This was really very educational and gives a lot more ammo as to the "Why Lync edge is implemented this way"

    Thank you so much for this.  Smiley

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    Matt B

    This is fantastic thank you Bryan.

    I had a few queries about low level details of Skype that nobody ever cares about or can answer and yet here is a video from someone who not only cares but can explain in incredible detail how it all works. Very helpful!

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