Lync Deep Dive: Edge Media Connectivity with ICE

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    Far one of the best presentations about ICE, STUN and TURN I have ever seen! Especially the part at 51:30 candidate promotion: that single piece of information was the most valuable part of the whole presentation for me! Its hard to admit, but I always do hang up the call immediately after it has been established and I confirmed the bidirectional audio session, so I never waited long enough for this re-Invite to happen, and was getting crazy mad why I dont see the mutually agreed IP:port combination for the call. Man, even if there were other valuable pieces in your session (there were indeed!), just this single fact already justified spending this 1 hour watching it.

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    Oh, 1 more thing: the sentence you can hear at 59:30 should be printed with giant RED letters into all documentation that discusses ICE, STUN and TURN. Another Level400 diamond!

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    Wow Bryan!

    Fantastic session! Great presentation skills and a kewl subject. Lots of useful stuff with a few 'Aha!' moments for me.. Really relevant for understanding all this complex subject better.

    A few links on the subject, though the middle one is on OCS

    Lync Server Resource Kit - Chapter 19 - Troubleshooting Application Workloads
    Section called : Troubleshooting Application Sharing - Unable to Start a Peer-to-Peer Application Sharing Session, pages 38->40

    How Communicator Uses SDP and ICE To Establish a Media Channel

    Lync Edge Hairpin Requirement

    -Jonas, Denmark

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    Awesome video Bryan.   This was really very educational and gives a lot more ammo as to the "Why Lync edge is implemented this way"

    Thank you so much for this.  Smiley

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    Matt B

    This is fantastic thank you Bryan.

    I had a few queries about low level details of Skype that nobody ever cares about or can answer and yet here is a video from someone who not only cares but can explain in incredible detail how it all works. Very helpful!

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