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    Windows Store at its current form is still at its early stage. I've been uncertain about the usage scenarios of metro style apps. It does not appear to me that metro style apps are going to be able to replace existing complex and powerful desktop apps. I still do not know what metro style apps will be used for perhaps until certain time after the commercial release of Windows 8. Nevertheless, this keynote does at least tell me that metro style apps are at least pretty useful in some scenarios, while are not the replacement of desktop apps. I'm particularly intrigued by the beautiful visualization of data within metro style apps, in addition to online stores, touch-based games, etc. Certainly, while one is on the road, he can get access to data, share data, communicate with others, doing some light editing, etc., all with different kind of metro style apps. They do not seem to be powerful, complex, and rich in functionalities, as compared with existing desktop apps. However, they do make tablet very useful while one is on the road. Perhaps the kind of complex, heavy, and difficult computing tasks are not going to be handled by metro style apps. When I think about it, metro style apps is about how most people deal with their tablets and devices; and they are not going to ever deal with heavy computing tasks or changing the PC settings very often. That, perhaps, explains why 'Desktop' has become an 'app' in Windows 8, as some Microsoft's employees have said. Technically, traditional 'Desktop' is still a Windows shell that exists in Windows 8; it's also an app environment in many ways different from metro environment; 'Desktop' is many things but definitely not an app like other metro style apps. A question I wish to ask: will the desktop or power users spend much time on metro environment? Only time will tell. Given the usefulness and power of 'Desktop', it's not surprising that the desktop PC or power users would spend most of their time in desktop environment going forward while using Windows 8.

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    seo tools

    Dank bij voorbaat en veel geluk! :)

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    wowwww Windows 8 rocks __using it since DP--CP now RP

    but want lots of Metro apps in MS Store and specially sparking style Graphics in metro

    this is why we use GTX 680 SLI


    many thanks to all developer team _ keep it up guys

    Mountain Lion + iOS 6 are already been ready for World war 3

    u have to do more on Widows 8

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    Windows 8 is not only looking very pretty but a lot of Architecture, But Locker encryption and Hypervisor capability under the hood.

    We only saw hints of running MS office in Windows 8, and it is not clear if what we will get for a Lighter Metro versions of MS Office. Surely this is the powerhouse of the MS User base,

    In response to the first post: You need to re think the paradigm of Applications. Make the distinction of heavyweight/ power users and lightweight users. Most of the exxisting Desktop Applicatiosn have simply evolved into behemoths because the Desktop (Keyboard/Mouse) has been the only platform and User case. The successful Devlopers and business case users will realise that there are advantages to now seperate out behemoth Apps, into lighter weight (and collaborative Apps) into the Metro and Inter Apps environment. This is simply the way the Majority (but not all) users want to go. So lighter weight Metro Apps/ HTML5 Web Apps/ FB Social Apps etc is the way the Market is going. Stay with a Behemoth Desktop only Aptitude if you like, but you will be left behind.

    Microsft are embarking on a Brave path here. Good Luck to them. And if you want to be part of that journey of probable success, better start developing Metro Apps and/or HTML5 skills now.

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    It sure is coming along!  Good luck all!

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    what is wrong with his voice? Perplexed

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    i like it, but is talking a lot of whar other guys would name "boiler plate" and waisting precious time.

    Had ge really exercised this presentation? (not professinell)

    The Hall effect (HTML 5) is a joke - watch an Apple Show to learn ....

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