Ten Deadly Sins of Administrators about Windows Security

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Only 10?! Security audits are the best opportunity to become familiar with the common and uncommon security mistakes made by administrators. The reasons of misconfiguration are very typical: lack of time, lack of monitoring systems, lack of knowledge. Often, common mistakes are very serious and can lead to some serious security breaches. Nobody likes when the passwords of your users are being cracked, right? Nobody likes to see this in the audit report. During this intensive and very technical session, Paula shows you the commonly seen ‘infrastructure sins’. Of course there are more than 10…, but if you start to fulfill all of these shown on the session, your network will become significantly more secure!







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    Very interesting session.  Like the absencdoor documentation being the number 1 security risk.  Many organisations think not producing documentation saves money.  This potentially is only true in the short term.  Other key considerations are that the documentation needs to be available in a format that others can access and understand.  Secondly the documentation needs to be well maintained. insiders in any of these additional requirements will reduce and ultimately invalidate the benefit of any documentation that is produced.  There are lots of other things that can simplify document production and management.

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