The Ultimate Guide to Building Wireless Network Security

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Wireless is getting more and more interesting as a primary communication channel for many of our users and devices today, including an increasing number of mobile devices such as tablets and phones, making the Enterprise Wireless LAN security a persistent concern for every system and network administrator. This session provides best practices to establish and manage security, privacy, and extensibility of wireless networking in today’s enterprises including mobile users, smart phones and business line wireless devices using the built-in components of Windows Server and client. A step-by-step and demo-based approach is used to achieve the desired results looking at WPA, WPA2, 802.1x, Certificate-based authentication, Network Access Protection, and how to effectively build a sustained solution. Note: This session is an evolution of the TechEd NA 2011 "The Ultimate Guide to Wireless Network Security" that focused on the threats. This session focuses on building secure wlans and countermeasures.







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