Directory Graph API: Drill Down

Play Directory Graph API: Drill Down

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    Is code of this Graph API used in presentaion , avaiable for download?


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    Secondly, i can't find any programming reference for this Graph API. Is it release for general developers..?
    Can general office 365 trial account has programing acesss via this Graph API?


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    Hi Shahzad, the Graph API REad preview is now available. Here is the sample app download, and some other resources
    Sample App

    Microsoft Windows Azure Active Directory Graph API full description:

    Graph Explorer: simple User interface that allows you to query and review results from the Demo company, or your own company:

    Sign-up for 30 day trial of a Windows Azure AD tenant (Office 365 tenant):

    Yes, if you you sign up for a 30 day Office 365 trial company, you can try accessing via graph - you will need to run PowerSHell supplied with the sample app, to create a servcie principal and to assign it to a role - the script does this for you.

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    Larry Aucoin

    Thanks Ed, outstanding job!

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