Enabling Disaster Recovery for Hyper-V Workloads Using Hyper-V Replica

Play Enabling Disaster Recovery for Hyper-V Workloads Using Hyper-V Replica
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Most SMB customers do not have robust disaster recovery plans despite experiencing around six outages in a year. This is because current solutions for disaster recovery are expensive, complicated to set up, and generally don’t work well in virtualized environments. Hyper-V Replica offers an affordable DR solution for virtualized workloads. It is included with Hyper-V, works with commodity storage, and has an inbox UI to set up standard DR flows. It also has a rich API surface (PowerShell and WMI) which provides extensibility for management partners (e.g., extend the inbox UI to an enterprise-grade DR solution) and hosting service providers (e.g., offer DR as a service). #TEVIR302







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